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Staff Augmentation

Stretched IT Staff? We're able to help.

Alliance IS recognizes the need for highly trained and qualified personnel, able to assist in a variety of different projects and platforms and adapt to changing technologies.

Our experience in meeting tight deadlines in the real world of stressed staff and new technologies helps you react to a surge in workload during deployments, installations, migrations and special projects. It allows you to maintain existing systems without additional permanent staff. Its this adaptability that sets Alliance IS apart from the other IS Consulting firms.

Alliance IS consultants bring broad IS experience with two special traits that set them apart

1. A proven, intense drive towards project success.

2. The ability to adapt to project teams full of personalities and personal agendas.

For you, this hallmark characteristic of Alliance IS prevents long (and expensive) learning curves. It also prevents delayed projects that often result from non-specialized staffing, unqualified consultants, or outsides who can't adapt to your staff or methods.

Temp of Lifer?

Sure, Alliance IS can fill your short term IS needs faster than you can say L.I.F.O., but if you're in search of permanent employees, Alliance also brings a history of success in contingency and retained searches for permanent placements.

Companies look to Alliance IS to fill vacancies and complete succession plans in areas from Help Desk to Project Management. Together with established partnerships of nation-wide recruiting firms, and with seasoned permanent placement professionals, Alliance IS screens consultants for cutting-edge technical aptitude united with extensive communication expertise. The result is the ultimate IS professional with both the understanding of your business's IS challenges and the ability to bridge you past them.

Companies choose Alliance IS for their efficient and smooth-running project management and best-in-the-industry execution.

Companies look to Alliance IS to fill vacanies and complete succession plans in areas from Help Desk to Project Management.